Washing, cutting, and packaging fresh fruit and vegetables is a labor-intensive process. One thing we know all stores need more of... and that is labor hours, we are here to help. We provide you with fresh cut fruit and vegetables that are produced and delivered to your store within 24 hours. Our dedicated staff will produce a product that is consistent, attractive, pre-priced and shelf ready. That allows you to utilize your staff for the other daily needs of your produce department. Here at Round Lake our staff is a part of our family, we could not do it without them. Ready everyday to work early hours so that we can fill orders with the incredibly tight turnaround needed to put the freshest product on your store shelves.

tracy62-300 Tracy is also an experienced merchandiser, she will help you from the first initial meeting, all the way through the start up process, and then for future support. We believe that each produce manager knows their customers best, so we listen and build a display off of the needs of each particular store. We are never pushy, nor are we a company that will just send product, our job is to make your store successful. We will build ad-programs or in-store manager specials specific to the demands of your area. Give us a few minutes of your time to explain all of the program features.

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Eating Healthy Everyday

broccoli stirfry

Here at Round Lake we believe in our product and a healthy way of eating.  We are excited to offer endless combinations of fruit and vegetables so our customers can feed their families fresh produce everyday with convenience.

Spring is in the air!

Spring is in the air...let Round Lake Produce help you navigate the season. We have what you need for Mother's Day, Easter and Graduation. As the snow melts away and the flowers start to sprout, fill your shelves with items that will give your customers that springy feeling!

Easter Cuties

Fruit Salad Bowl

Featured items that run as a "hot deal" all month long:

March – single serve fruit salad bowl